With over 10 years experience building custom Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and integrating with national retailers, Digital Solutions Group has the knowledge and software features to let you compete in today's competitive home delivery market.

The Logistics Manager Pro software suite (LMPro) is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System built from the ground up to be user friendly, agile and feature rich. It contains all the necessary functions to manage your warehouse and delivery operations out of the box.

LMPro leverages the latest technology to allow your company to do more with less resources. The optional Automated Calling module can reduce your overall headcount by automating the process of calling, messaging and emailing customers to schedule orders, and/or notifying them of their delivery appointment.


  • Cloud-based architecture allows access to your data from anywhere. No hardware to support
  • Automated schedule and appointment notification calls
  • Map-based driver tracking with GPS location
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Customer portal


  • Android and iOS apps for managing warehouse stock location assignments and inventory
  • Android and iOS apps for drivers and assembly workers allowing status updates visible to customer service team
  • Lightweight mobile web app for managing orders and sending updates




This gets you access to the core Logistics Manager Pro platform which includes all the necessary functions to start and run your entire operation. Included in this monthly fee are 6900 transactions and unlimited Users/Dispatchers/Drivers.



Should you exceed your allotted 6900 transactions, additional transactions will be billed at a per transaction/order rate.



If you would like to use the automated calling features of LMPro, each call will be billed an initial charge for the first 2 minutes and then an additional charge for each additional minute.



Optional SMS/texting updates are available and will be billed on a per text basis.